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Daniel A. Kent

Representative Cases


Bloom Energy Corp. v. Plansee SE et al (SOFC fuel cell technologies / patent)

Medline Industries v. CR Bard (urinary tract catheters and packaging / patent)

ETAK Systems, LLC v. B+T Group Holdings, Inc. (3D modeling technologies / patent)

Pusztai v. Apple, Inc. (camera application / copyright)

1-800-411-IP Holdings, LLC v. The Eichholz Law Firm, P.C. (keyword advertising / trademark)

Digimedia Tech, LLC v. multiple defendants (broad portfolio of digital technologies / patent)

POWERbahn, LLC v. Foundation Fitness, et al. (excercise equipment control systems / patent)

SwissWatchExpo, Inc. v. Buyer's Best Bet, Inc., et al. (e-commerce platform / copyright) 

Akeva v. Nike (athletic footwear / patent)

JG Technologies, LLC v. multiple defendants (automotive warning and collision avoidance systems / patent)

QAI Laboratories, Inc. v. Right Testing Labs, LLC, et al. (testing laboratory / trade secrets)

Wastow Enterprises, LLC v. et al. (towing system for semi-tractors / patent)

Universal Transdata, LLC v. multiple defendants (wireless technologies / patent)

Yoerg v. Americhip, Inc., et al. (interactive packaging / patent)

Synchview Technologies, LLC v. multiple defendants (DVR technologies / patent)

CONFIDENTIAL (architectural work / copyright)

Releana, LLC v. Stephens, et al. (sub-lingual weight loss supplements / patent)

Sundance Holdings Group v. Pursen LLC (jewelry organizer / patent)

Plasma Air International, Inc. v. Global Plasma Solutions, LLC (air purification systems / patent)

Carroll v. Texas Instruments, Inc. (digital signal processing / patent)

INA Acquisition Corp. v. Cosmic TopHat, LLC (trenchless sewer re-lining technology / patent)

Micromem Technologies, Inc. v Dreifus Associates Limited (fluid sensors / patent)

3d Medical Imaging Systems, LLC v Visage Imaging, Inc. (medical imaging / patent)

BSG Tech LLC v HM Wallace, Inc. (e-commerce / patent)

Big Dog USA Inc. v Big Dog Running Company (apparel / trademark)

Turner Furniture Holding Corp. v Turner Furniture Company of Tifton Inc. (retail / trademark)

IPVX Patent Holdings, Inc. v Cbeyond, Inc. (patent)

Intel Corporation v Intell Insurance Agency, Inc. (trademark)

Eagle Parts & Products, Inc. v. Allshields, Inc. (golf cart windshield fasteners / Patent)

Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc. v. Georgia Farm Services, LLC, et al. (peanut seed / Plant Variety Protection)


AGSouth Genetics, LLC, et al. v. Georgia Farm Services, LLC, et al. (wheat seed / Plant Variety Protection, trademark)

Atlanta Cable Sales, Inc. v. Hyde (custom cable technologies / Trade Secrets)

​Global Synthetics Environmental, LLC v. American Wick Drain Corp. (field turf drainage systems / Patent, Unfair Competition)

Greybird Publishers, LLC v. Viacom Inc. (publishing, television / Trademark)


Mark Edward Geyer (book illustrations / Copyright)

Turner Furniture Holding Corp. v. Turner Furniture Company of Tifton, Inc. (retail furniture / Trademark)

PurseN, LLC v. QVC, Inc., et al. (purse organizer inserts / Patent, Trade Dress)
GeoTag v. Circle K Stores, Inc., et al.  (store and job locator technology / Patent)

Klausner v Cbeyond, Inc. (voice mail to e-mail technology / Patent)


​IPLearn, LLC v. WBT Systems, Ltd., et al. (corporate employee training software / Patent)


Quad Int'l, Inc. v. Doe (BitTorrent software / Copyright)

Mueller International, LLC et. al. v. Datamatic Ltd. (wireless mesh networking / Patent)

Day by Day Timepieces LLC v. Hallmark Cards, Inc.  (commemorative clocks / Patent)


Retractable Cord Technologies LLC v. Office Depot, Inc. (retractable telephone handset cord / Patent)

Retractable Cord Technologies LLC v. Vanguard Products Group, Inc., et al. (miniature electric cable / Patent)

Khoshnood v. Game Warning Systems, Inc. (luminescent hunting bow site / Patent)

G H Strickland, LLC v. Federal Signal Corporation, et al. (interior-mounted emergency vehicle signals / Patent)

Insituform Technologies, Inc. v. Cosmic-Sondermaschinebau GmbH, et al. (trenchless sewer re-lining technology / Patent)

​Gildersleeve Holdings, AG v., Inc., et al. (Internet website technology / Patent)

Case-Ari, LLC d/b/a Case-Mate v. mStation, Inc. (smart phone cases / Design Patent) v. HM Wallace, Inc, et al. (Internet website technology / Computer Fraud & Abuse Act)

Southern Mills v. International Textile Group (specialty fabric manufacturing / Patent)

Merge eMed, Inc. v. Virtual Radiologic Corporation (medical devices / Patent)

Baby Bjorn v. Regal Lager (infant carriers / Patent)

ArrivalStar, et al. v. Supply Chain Consulting, et al. (logistics software / Patent)

Parking Security Systems v. Miami-Dade County (parking management software/systems / Patent)

Parking Security Systems v. Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (parking management software/systems / Patent)

Southern Mills v. Polartec (fire-resistant fabrics / Patent)

NICE v. Witness Systems (software/databases/audio analysis / Patent)

Witness Systems v. NICE (software/audio analysis / Patent)

STS v. Witness Systems (software/VOIP recording / Patent)

Telematics v. Xata, et al. (logistics software/systems / Patent)

Freescale Semiconductor v. ST Microelectronics (semiconductors / Patent)

CAPS Logistics, Inc. v. Ratliff, et al. (logistics software / Trade Secrets)

Tillotson Corp. v. Omni International, LLC, et al. (medical devices/polymers / Patent)

Scientific Games International, Inc. v. Oberthur Gaming Technologies Corporation (multi-color printing / Patent)

Go Medical Industries Pty, Ltd. v. C.R. Bard, Inc. (medical devices/catheters / Patent)

SI Corporation v. Corillian Corp. (remote banking software / Patent)

Advanced Interactive Systems v. FATS, Inc. (law enforcement simulation systems / Patent)

Dixie Health, Inc. v. Shop at Home, Inc., et al. (broadcasting/home shopping / Trademark, Unfair Competition)

Jacor Broadcasting of Atlanta, Inc. v. Infinity Broadcasting Corp., et al. ​(broadcasting / restrictive covenant)

Lighthouse Sanctuary Youth Foundation, Inc. et al. v. Papanier, et al. (publishing/broadcasting / Copyright, Unfair Competition)

Figleaves, Inc. v. Gazelle, Inc. (Internet retailing / Trademark, Anticybersquatting)

Kentec, Inc. v. Allied Fastener and Tool, Inc., et al. (power tools / Trade Secrets)

Wolf v. Ramsey (publishing / Libel)

Atlanta Guitar Center, Inc. v. Guitar Center, Inc. and Rhythm City, Inc. (musical instrument retailing / Trademark)

Jubitz Corp. v. Insight Technology, Inc., et al. (logistics database / Unfair Competition)

Haraway v. National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing,Inc., et al. (automotive safety/aerodynamics / Patent)

Enmark Stations, Inc. v. Mansfield Oil Company (automobile fuel retailing / Trademark)

Sun Data, Inc. v. Sun Microsystems, Inc. (computer systems / Trademark)

Knox v. Prevosti, et al. (cardiothoracic surgery)

AVP, Inc., et al. v. New World Communications of Atlanta, Inc. (broadcasting/video production / Copyright)

Novak v. Cobb County-Kennestone Hospital Authority, et al. (orthopedic surgery/Constitutional law)

Classic Weavers, Ltd. v. Couristan, Inc. (textiles/carpet designs / Copyright)

Barber v. Gillett Communications of Atlanta, Inc. (broadcast news / defamation)

Hampshire v. Northlake Regional Medical Center, et al. (obstetrics/neonatal medicine)

Farr v. Medical Center-West, Inc., et al. (gastrointestinal surgery)

Brewer v. Rogers, et al. (broadcast news/defamation/privacy)

Gillett Communications of Atlanta, Inc. v. Daniel Becker for Congress Committee (broadcasting/campaign advertising)

Martin v. Gershon (urological surgery) ​

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